Graduation ceremony for the first cohort of the student leaders’ program

 UAEU inaugurates "My Idea Lab"

The UAEU's innovations take part in providing proactive solutions to the challenges of the next 50 years

70 million dirhams allocated by the UAEU for Scientific Research in 2019

إجراء أكبر دراسة طويلة المدى عن صحة الأم والطفل من قبل مجموعة من الباحثين في جامعة الامارات

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Selection of News and Events from the University



UAEU receives the Innovation Award for

Student Affairs Sector 

The United Arab Emirates University received the 2019 Prize for Innovation in the Student Affairs Sector from Al-Yousan Co., one of the worldwide companies specializing in educational technology, during its annual conference in which more than 300 participants from many higher education institutions in the Middle East.

This award is one of the significant prizes that support innovation and creativity in dealing with students’ needs in higher education institutions. Dr. Ateeq Jakah Almansoori, Associate Provost for Students’ Affairs, project supervisor, confirmed that UAEU (Student Affairs Sector) has won the award for its own academic project in linking the academic counseling program with the university’s registration program, which contributes to reducing the time for registration, and raise the efficiency of the university’s registration and counseling system.

To Space.. A motivational campaign flying students

on the wing of Specialty 

To space... an orientation motivational campaign launched by five female students from UAEU, in order to let students of the foundation stage recognize space science at the university, and attract them to join the space science course, which launched by the UAEU to qualify national cadres in this sector, in proportion to their needs by establishing an integrated educational and scientific structure. The campaign organized by the students: Budour Al-Saadi, Shaima Al-Jabouri, Khuloud Al-Dhaheri, Summaya Al-Ameri and Shamma Al-Khaili

For her part,Al-Saadi talked about the importance of the campaign, saying: The study of space science is no longer a luxury, and it has become the most significant and chief entrance for each development, because of its straight connection with all aspects of life, and most up-to-date technological discoveries are basically ideas of space science and astronomy , its accomplishments, and space technology industries around the world are often based on Scientific programs within specialized institutions.

The Happiness Research Center organizes 

Tolerance and Bullying Prevention Conference

Emirates Center for Happiness Research at the United Arab Emirates University has organized the "Tolerance and Bullying Prevention Conference", in the presence of a group of experts, researchers and those interested in scientific and applied research correlated with positive psychology and tolerance, from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Tolerance, and a number of strategic partners, companies and institutions. In conjunction with the International Children's Day and the National Bullying Week, and keeping abreast with the requirements of the National Program for Happiness and wellbeing, to enhance the values of tolerance in society.

 Tamkeen holds a workshop at UAEU on 
 the challenge of food technology  

Tamkeen held a workshop at UAEU to discuss the challenge of food technology launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The challenge has been managed by the Food Security Office in partnership with Tamkeen, which is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and charged with implementing projects aimed at achieving the knowledge-based development vision for the United Arab Emirates.



News Highlights



Innovation Corner

A UAEU student using natural materials in oil production [...]

A UAEU student using natural materials in oil production

Nouf Al-Abdouli, a student in the fifth year, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, college of Engineering at UAEU, a student created a new method of oil-subsidized production, using an environmentally friendly energy source, growing the country's economy, and reducing the risk of gas explosion and corrosion of equipment.

For her part, Nouf said "The idea of ​​the project relies on using unprocessed natural materials and mixing them with sea water, and injecting them into the rock layers containing petroleum elements, to extract oil from the pores of the rocks."

In addition to this ,She has pointed out that she had formed the « Zayed Stream » company with one expert who recognized the characteristics of the reservoir rocks, Engineer Issa Gerges, in order to provide solutions to the challenging problems in the oil fields, such as a gas explosion that negatively impacts the lives of field workers, as well as the erosion of equipment, the low rate of oil production, and environment pollution

Dr. Mariam Al Yamahi creates a device that provides an accurate diagnosis of diseases [...]

Dr. Mariam Al Yamahi creates a device that provides an accurate diagnosis of diseases

Dr. Mariam Al Yamahi, who outshined in computer science and artificial intelligence technologies, has devised a device that can be used in analyzing big data and information, including medical data, to serve the accuracy of diagnostic diseases, and contribute to developing treatment plans based on clear and documented data, which can be stored , analyzed ,and being retrieved.

In addition to that, this tool, consisting of algorithms, can be utilized and developed in predicting long-term outcomes, ultimately due to more effective treatment services.

Al Ain kids ... enjoying their ages and living innovation at UAEU [...]

Al Ain kids ... enjoying their ages and living innovation at UAEU


On an educational day inspiring innovation, the College of Education at UAEU hosted a group of children to develop their skills and broaden their perceptions with a wide range of interactive activities that varied among moving books, models and simple stories.

The activities sought to encourage children to learn and travel to fictional worlds through three main sections: “Reading, Playing, and Activities”, aimed at bringing them closer to reading and motivating them to innovate and create.

The College of Education students have presented interactive activities that targeted the children of some schools in Al Ain City, and they have participated in activities under their supervision, as well as enabling children with a number of skills that inspired their talents and senses.

Smart Dish “Encourages healthy foods” [...]

Smart Dish “Encourages healthy foods”

A group of three students in the fourth year of the College of Engineering at UAEU; Aisha Moussa, Moza Ahmed Al-Kalbani, and Saghira Hamid Al-Nuaimi, have reviewed their project on “Smart Dish”, which is related to an electronic application that can be downloaded from “Android” and “App Store”, as well as works on the idea of ​​promoting and encouraging healthy food.

For their parts, The students said: There is no doubt that making sure to eat healthy food is an essential for our bodies and our health, and the continuous tries of being healthy through dieting will not be complete except by determining the calories our bodies need daily for losing weight.



Research Corner

6 projects of "artificial intelligence" in the College of Engineering at UAEU

The College of Engineering at UAEU has announced the establishment of 6 major academic projects for artificial intelligence that include: “Fab Lab”, “Educational factories”, the creation of a Major “Robotics labs” for artificial intelligence, “huge database and library resources for materials”, and “applications lab” »

These projects constitute the initiatives of the UAEU in artificial intelligence, as it constantly works to encourage research projects for graduate students, and to launch a set of studies programs in the field of artificial intelligence, including the specialized scientific program.

A new research complex for the design and manufacture of small satellites

Dr. Khaled Al Hashemi, Director of the National Centre for Space Science and Technology at UAEU, revealed that the center is currently working on establishing a new research complex to design and manufacture small satellites weighing up to 250 kilograms, and to establish a ground station to receive information and satellite images from the satellites, in order to be analyzed and studied at the center.

For his part,Al Hashemi pointed out that qualified staff are currently available to work in both the research complex and the station and to train new cadres, so that they can perform the required tasks, foremost of which will be work on designing and manufacturing a cubic satellite concerned with investigating site accuracy.

UAEU Researchers and New York- Abu Dhabi Release New Date Palm Genome Sequence

The UAEU Khalifa Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and Researchers at NYU Abu Dhabi’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, have developed an improved assembly of the genome for the date palm using long-read sequencing technology. This improvement over the current versions of the genome will help advance further research, and inform the propagation practices of this essential MENA region food source.

In addition, the researchers have identified the genes and mutations that lead to color change and the levels of major sugars in date palm fruit, including the genes for the enzyme invertase that breaks down sucrose into glucose and fructose. While date palms (Phoenix dactylifera) are, one of the earliest domesticated tree crops in the world and remain a major fruit crop in North Africa and the Middle East.

A UAEU team is developing a new treatment for Alzheimer's

A research team from the chemistry department at UAEU has started a project to develop a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease. The team is headed by Dr. Abdul Wahid Al-Samadi, a specialist researcher in the field of pharmaceutical industry to treat Alzheimer's disease, he is assisted by Dr. Rakesh Rajakopalan, and group of female students; Sheikha Al-Rahbi, Mayar Alaa and Afra Saif.

For his turn,Dr. Abdul Wahid Al-Samadi says: Alzheimer's is a complicated disease that is unknown until now, and all drugs discovered so far are limited to acting as an inhibitor of a specific enzyme called acetylcholine, and this alone is not enough, and from this perspective I have participated with a research team of the Institute of Chemistry Membership in Madrid , Spain to develop a strategy to search for new drugs, and we reached a new substance that gave good results compared to the drugs available on the market, we called it "multi-goals drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease"



Our Achievements

Mariam Humoud  

United Arab Emirates University

Mariam Humoud is a gifted student in oratory, has a unique presence, as well as a leading personality.. She has participated in the presentation of many ceremonial and official events, and voice commentary.

For her part, Mariam has chosen to study a twofold Major proportionate with her inclinations and skills at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, combining Arabic language and literature, media and creative industries.

Several stories have been published in cultural appendices at the local and Gulf levels, and recently a series of stories entitled (Still Running) were issued to her, in which she dealt with identity and psychological obstacles in a human being’s life, and the paradoxes in his awareness of his existence.

Mariam pointed out that for her, the short story is the first and foremost an awakening of opinion and awareness.

Humaid Mohammed Al Shamsi 

United Arab Emirates University

 Humaid Mohammed Al Shamsi - a UAEU gifted poet, the Winner of the title of The Students’ Grand Competition 2019, a student at the UAEU, Department of Government and Society... He has a book of poetry entitled "Friend and you" 2015, and is currently working on the issuance of a new one.

"Humaid " is gratified of his poem "Spirit of Tolerance" ... which qualified him to win the competition in high lyrical language, and the distinctive delivering and solidity of images well-matched with the theme of the text inspired by the letters of the word "tolerance" and delivered by casting and created by "Earth has gathered our tolerance until we have lit all the beacons "He concluded his poem by saying:" People, earth and universes tell us ... the spirit of tolerance is called the Emirates "

Doaa Ali AlAbdouli

United Arab Emirates University

Doaa Ali AlAbdouli is a gifted and talented student of face drawing. She started practicing this gift since a young age and the encouragement came from her family had a great impact in improving her gift.

Doaa is currently studying Media and Creative Industries at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
She has a high ambition for universality that has nicknamed herself the “artist of the world” and has become an inherent title. As well as Al-Abdouli said: My first official participation was in the Great student competition organized by the university last year.
One and foremost liked paintings of the world painter as it calls itself, "The painting of an old man I drew and shows the crinkles of time on his face because every part of its details comprise tales and stories in my imaginary world, so I called it" Great like its Secret”
Al Abdouli enjoys a wide audience from the university community who admire her paintings.

Issa Alawadhi

United Arab Emirates University

Issa Alawadhi ... Talented student with the designation of "Icon of UAE Creativity"

He is currently studying at UAEU, specializing in Media and Creative Industries at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Issa believes in "Finding out your difference and go ahead"

Wadima Al Yafei

United Arab Emirates University

Wadima Al Yafei, an Emirati talented and champion in jiu-jitsu. Currently, studying at the College of Business and Economics. Wadima has participated in the WORLD JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP 2019, Thailand, representing the UAEU, and has won the .golden medal in the weight of 45 kg

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