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Mohammed bin Zayed visits UAEU in Al Ain City

Abdullah bin Zayed launches UAEU Tolerance award

Nahyan bin Mubarak: Our goal is to transform all UAE citizens into champions of tolerance locally and globally

UAEU honors the winners of the "Chancellor’s Innovation Award " 

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"Future Job Foresight Forum" emphasizes the importance of public-private sector cooperation

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Hence, the efforts have been translated into achievements that make the society proud.

We have offered a selection of news about the achievements of our UAEU student, faculty and staff.

 UAEU takes part in the IDEX 2019 with

"Innovative Projects" 

The United Arab Emirates University has participated in the largest International Defense Exhibition (IDEX 2019), from February 17-21 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre, in the presence of HE Prof. Mohamed Al Baili, UAEU Vice Chancellor, a number of faculty members, innovators, researchers, and students.

Prof. Mohamed Albaili emphasized that "The International Defense Exhibition (IDEX 2019) is a global platform for the presentation of smart applications, research projects and UAEU innovative projects for students and ICT researchers, defense and military industries and their various systems, and these works are confirming the country's entrepreneurship in the field of defense industries. allowing the opportunity to promote innovation and the transformation of many research projects into startups to enhance the vision of leadership ,the excellence in scientific research at the global and international level according to the strategic plan of the country for Science 2021, It also conducts a strategic partnership that serves country’s direction towards the production and localization of the defense industries, and provides an opportunity for those interested, researchers and students to see the up-to-date in modern technology in the era of the fourth industrial revolution and to get benefit from the diverse experiences in this Critical area of interest.

It is worth mentioning that this year UAEU has participated with a number of innovative projects in the fields of defense and technology industries. The IT College presented the Smart Autonomous Transportation Systems where the main objective is to model an integrated cyber-physical system that consists of smart agents that act autonomously and cooperate among themselves to accomplish complex tasks. These agents include physical, software-based, human, and other components. The model addresses logistic, optimization, planning, and AI-related issues. It can be used in civilian as well as military contexts.

Moreover, UAEU exhibitors will also showcase solutions for Cooperative Aerial-Ground System for Path Discovery and Planning in a disaster situation where UAVs tightly cooperate and communicate with other ground vehicles with the common objective to execute a specific mission that may require distributed and coordinated tasks. They will also present a customized Drone “GeoDrone” that provides data capture and processing features to meet a variety of end-user asset inspection and site survey requirements in civilian as well as military contexts.

During IDEX 2019 exhibitors from UAEU will showcase a 3D Teleoperated Robot for multi-military duty that can be controlled remotely by an operator body motion wearing a smart suit. It enables it to control the robot by simulating the movement of the body and applying it remotely. It is worth mentioning that this project is the result of the research cooperation between the research teams at the university and the company of Etimad Holding co.

The Information Systems Department has reviewed the "Remote Management / Online Remote Control for Activities" project, which aims to allow administrators to remotely monitor  Internet users' activities, provide some security features to protect them against intrusions, and improper use by users . The project also provides programs for user protection and remote control, and this project has many applications in both security and civilian fields. This feature allows checking automatically of the IP address to check network connectivity, taking screenshots of the user's device, opening the device's camera, voice recording, and turning off the user's device so that users can be protected against undesirable behaviors.

In addition, the Computer and Network Engineering Department presented two projects, "Secure Sound to the End", a project that encodes and isolates voice conversations to provide privacy and security for conversations through the sound encryption system. It is a secure encryption solution that works by sound isolation. The project can be applied in the security and civilian fields, the "Military Inspector" project, which uses the drone, the artificial intelligence techniques to perform military observer functions for the military missions, and the supervision of transferring equipment and ammunition from one place to another, and make sure the distance is safe for the movement of personnel, equipment and access to the specific place, in order to achieve save time and resources, as well as the possibility of fast intervention by automatic alarm which reduces reliance on human staff for monitoring and surveillance.

The College of Science has participated with the project "GeoDrone", for the purposes of surveying and geological exploration developed by a research team at the university and was manufactured in the country in cooperation with the private sector. This aircraft and its ground station provide the possibility of capturing and processing data to meet a variety of user requirements, whether scientific, civil or security. In the course of data processing, a 3D model of subsurface geological layers and structures can be devised for exploration of minerals, groundwater, detection of buried effects, environmental pollution studies and detection of criminal and military investigations.

While the College of Engineering presented a "self-driving car" project to do various tasks in different natural conditions such as fog in a safe and independent manner, thus reducing the cost of mobility, infrastructure and raising the level of safety for passengers.

A team of UAEU Students visit

 Educational Centres in Japan

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has organized a scientific journey which lasted ten days to Japan for a delegation of students from the College of Information Technology who studied in the fields of Information Security, Information Technology and Computer Science. The trip comes within the framework of the IT College to prepare leading students and innovators in the field of technology and artificial intelligence

Dr. Fady Al-Najjar, Assistant Professor and Trip supervisor, said: "This scientific visit aims to help students learn about the latest methods of artificial intelligence and how to apply them in various fields of work, especially that Japan is one of a pioneering and advanced countries in this field."

For her part, Fatima Saeed Mesfer ,a computer science student stated that, “We are grateful to the UAEU for giving us such an opportunity to embark on this scientific and exploratory trip as it is a rich and unique scientific experience where we have learned about the facilities and services of the research centres, University of Tokyo and other universities. We have seen many innovative devices and the process of manufacturing robots and future projects and how to employ them in the service of humanity.”

Heyab Matar Al-Ketbi - information security student stated that, “It was one of the most beautiful opportunities I ever had. I felt a great responsibility in learning and building professional and technical knowledge that enabled me in developing new ideas with the team.”

Whilst, Fatima Ali Al-Ammoudi, said: "This journey has given me access to many scientific experiences and allowed me to get various scientific advice from experts and researchers in Japan on many technical fields specialized in robotics, and digital data analysis.”

Sultan Al-Shehhi, information security student said that, “What I have seen and felt during this scientific trip has confirmed that human beings can be partners in the service of mankind through the use of scientific research in the fields of information technology and artificial intelligence.”

It’s of note that students made scientific visits to Tsukuba University, University of Tokyo, National Centre for Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tsukuba Space Centre, Kanagawa University, Smart Behaviour Control Unit and Japan Space Elevator Association.

UAEU has organized a seminar titled 

Tolerance is fostering an innovation environment

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has organized a seminar titled " “Tolerance to enhance the innovation environment" at the Crescent Building Auditorium, which aims to spread and link the concepts of tolerance and innovation, in the presence of Dr. Hassan Al Naboodah, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Ahmed Al-Najjar, Head of the Psychology Department, Dr. Najwa Al-Hosani, Vice Dean, College of Education, a number of faculty members and UAEU students, as well as five secondary schools in the Al- Ain Educational Zone.

At the beginning of the seminar, the students of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Drama Department, have presented a play, and a silent scene, whose events relate to happiness and tolerance within families.

United Arab Emirates University Launches UAEU Passport

University-Wide Blockchain Applications

Releasing its blockchain applications, UAEU Passport, for all students and alumni has made the United Arab Emirates University the first institution in the world to go live on such a large scale.

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates– United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) announced the roll-out of blockchain applications for digital academic records to all students and alumni across the university. With this development, the university has pioneered the most comprehensive initiative of its kind in the world, closely aligned with the ambitious national blockchain strategy.

“This successful roll-out of new blockchain applications reinforces our commitment to innovation and superior student services. This ground-breaking accomplishment, coordinated across the Division of IT, Admissions, and Registration, marks a new chapter in our digital transformation,” said Prof. Mohammed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor.

Launched the “UAEU Passport,” a new digital application that helps all students and alumni manage and share their academic records with complete digitization, flexibility, ownership, and security. This novel application illustrates the benefits of blockchain technology in education and for organizational efficiency.

Connected with several blockchain applications, the UAEU Passport is fully integrated with existing IT systems at the university. It offers a seamless way to request, manage, and share credentials such as transcripts and diplomas, making it easy for users to apply for job applications, research opportunities and more.

UAEU is leading the way in launching innovative student services under UAE Vision 2030 and the Emirates Blockchain Strategy. With significant coordination across all departments, it has successfully developed and implemented multiple blockchain applications for students and alumni, in addition to providing an online service to employers to verify the digital credentials.

“As the University of the Future, we recognize the need for smart digital transformation to accelerate and enhance student outcomes under the UAEU’s Strategy. We are proud of our smart services initiatives and see the UAEU Passport as the natural outcome of continuous development in this area,” said Afra .AlShamsi, UAEU Chief Information Officer

A scientific seminar at the UAEU

"Social Robotics"

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has held the 4th Joint Seminar on "Social Robotics" in collaboration with NYU Abu Dhabi. The seminar was held as part of the UAE innovation month activities at UAEU Science and Innovation Park with the participation of a group of specialists in the robotics industry, developers and scientists of artificial intelligence, sociologists, specialized international research centres and researchers from 27 countries in various majors of cognitive and mental science and social robotics.

For his part, Prof. Hassan Alnaboodah, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, stated that, “The seminar came within the framework of the events of the UAE Innovation Month and in the presence of a group of scientists and specialists in the fields of studying the impacts of social, human and ethical on social robotics science In the era of the fourth Industrial Revolution in order to discuss the latest findings of experts , researchers , and explore different approaches and future trends in the field of social robots, which are now more smart and effective in collaborating with the human and creating long -term social effects.”

Numerous research papers on social robotics were presented in the seminar for scientists, experts and specialists from the UAEU and several international universities in the fields of: robotics, artificial intelligence , applications and projects of social researchers around the world in the fields of technical intelligence The artificial application and social impact of these robots for more than one country and the applications and scientific competitions between robots and discuss the research’s results of experts and sociologists about the ethical and social impacts of robotics, and other topics.


Top Headlines


Naama al-Kaabi: Responsibility and sincerity in work are among the most prominent characteristics of leadership 

Naama Al Kaabi has graduated with honors from UAEU-College of Business and Economics, with a major in Finance and Banking, and she aspires to be an example for a successful Emirati woman serving her country in her field. She feels that innovation is a method and life style, where the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship started with an idea she had when she was a still a university student and she strongly believes that the university.

Read More 

Innovation Corner 

UAEU is launching 81 initiatives during Innovation Week

H.E. Prof. Mohamed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor, has inaugurated the Innovation Week at the university today in the presence of the Provost, Associate Provosts, Deans and a number of faculty members as the UAEU will launch 81 initiatives during the week.

The opening day has included research by the Zayed Center for Health Sciences, a workshop on creative thinking in design, the launching my idea campaign, and an experimental initiative on smart and sustainable mobility at the UAEU.

Prof. Albaili has stressed that UAE Innovation Month- has organised under the guidance of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, is a significant national event in a future vision that enhances the UAE's position in the field of innovation worldwide.

He has added that innovation at the UAEU has become a well-established culture among researchers, students and we endeavour to accomplish the strategic goals of the country and to plan for future effectively and professionally through the provision of innovative applicable projects in the fields of technology, renewable energy, transport, health sector, education, and space science.

Besides, He has explained that the university is participating in the launch of 81 initiatives during this week and it is the portent of what is new in terms of innovation as universities are the base of most innovations.

He pointed out that the university always involves students in innovation to qualify them, prepare them, and support them to work in the field of innovation in various fields that serve the national agenda of the UAE Vision 2021 and UAE Centennial 2071.

The activities are varied during the month of innovation such as: seminars, lectures, workshops, and innovations’ presentation and explanations through the purposeful established platforms.

UAEU Annual Research and Innovation Conference

The UAEU Annual Research and Innovation conference held from 5-6 February under the theme " Science and Innovation” which was held under the patronage of H.E. Saeed Ahmed Ghobash – Chancellor of the UAEU, to shed light on new issues and research related to water resources, space science, materials science, innovation in cellular and molecular biology, and innovation in mathematics.

H.E. Prof. Mohammed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor University, stressed on the importance of organizing such  Annual Research and Innovation Conference especially as it coincides with the UAE Innovation Month, which is held under the theme "Science and Innovation" which aims to develop the level of scientific research and vary the learning sources among students and interested people and at the same time informing them about the highlights of modern science in the fields of innovation.

From his side, Prof. Ahmed Murad – Dean of the College of Science and the chairman of the Conference pointed out that conference aims to review the results of outstanding research for faculty members.

UAEU launches its Laboratory of Innovation in Material Sciences

.H.E. Prof. Mohamed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor has launched its Laboratory of Innovation in Material Sciences, which was established in partnership with the Berkeley Institute of science.  In the presence of Prof.Omar Yaghi, a Chemistry professor at UC Berkeley and founder of the Global Science Institute and a number of researchers and university students.

UAEU Vice Chancellor emphasized the importance of University scientific laboratories which comes in the context of strengthening the University's mission in providing high quality science programs, and to develop research capacity in the country, through effective locally and internationally partnership to promote the production and dissemination of knowledge and support for national development And promoting research with high scientific level by developing research partnerships with universities and research centers in line with global leading national agenda targets UAE Vision 2021 and UAE Centennial 2071.

For his part, Prof. Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science said that these laboratories come within the University’s efforts to develop an inspiring environment for scientific research which best leads to significant research results contribute to supplement the knowledge-based economy.

Dr. Mohamed Alazab, Chair of the Chemistry Department said that the aim of these labs is to find solutions and innovative technologies with high efficiency to employ advanced science in developing and innovating solutions for future challenges in the UAE and contribute to the enrichment of scientific research for both researchers and university students.

According to Prof. Omar Yaghi, scientific partnerships and coordination with universities around the world have an important role in enabling research and development of research capacity and as well as progress in UAEU.

“Solar Robots” Waste pool

 A new, advanced mechanism for recycling projects, using smart solar-powered robots, picks up and then sorts contaminated materials for the environment, and places the similar ones in one place, operational in land, coastal and marine areas.

The project is designed by female students: Anwaf Al Naqbi, Fatima Al Hammadi, Asma Khalil and Aisha Suleiman from the Electrical Engineering Department, UAEU.

Al Naqbi said that "Our project relies on smart robotics systems, it is flexible in dealing with dissimilar types of waste, defined and distributed in specific boxes of each type, works in land, coastal and marine areas, and has an alert screen that shows the fullness of each box and the remaining space". To determine when the agent was replaced, and the robot was connected to GPS.

Al Hammadi explained: “The robot has four waste categories, according to the standard classification, plastics, glass, paper, minerals, and designed to be friendly with environment, but it does not ignore any non-conventional waste and solar powered.”

For her part, Khalil said: “The project is designed to be of high quality with a lower long-term cost, it has a limited budget only for the cost of manufacturing the robot, and it is operating by 10 to 20 workers.”

 New technology for drawing road in white

 A team of students from the Geography Department -UAEU has been able to create a modern technical method of drawing the roads in white colour according to the international standards and specifications by adopting a ‘Drone’, neglecting the traditional methods used in the finishing of road projects, saving time and effort and ensuring security and safety for workers in such areas.

Meera Saeed AlYammahi, Salima Khalfan Al-Mesmari and Asma Abdullah Al-Yammahi have created a technical method of drawing the roads with white dye according to internationally approved signals, under the supervision of Dr. Khawla Al Kaabi, Chief Innovation Officer.

For her part, Meera Al-Yammahi has pointed out that the importance of the project is in line with the Government's strategies to promote innovation in the departments and institutions, and to serve the improvement projects and improve the mechanisms of work, provide technical solutions, and practical applications which using the technologies for supporting and adopting through concerned institutions.

4 students at UAEU innovate a smart car with 22 properties for community services

Four female students, Mariam Al Bloushi, Mariam Aldossari, Fatima Al Mazroui and Sarah Al Yafee are studying at the UAEU, have created a smart car with 22 properties that contribute to community service.

Mariam Al Balushi, the owner of the idea, pointed out that the innovative idea of an intelligent application that sends a text message to the vehicle owner's phone if the vehicle is used, and if someone has been forgotten inside the vehicle, as any suspicious movement is sensed by the sensors inside, and if no action is taken within minutes, the message directly sent to the police to deal with the situation and determine the location of the car with ease and convenience.

The application has several features and advantages by linking it to a motion-sensitive camera with sensors in the chairs to detect any movement or weight in the vehicle and then measures the oxygen and heat ratio within the vehicle, and the app controls a solar-powered indoor fan in the vehicle to cool it. The application includes the identification system for the person through the fingerprint.

The steering wheel and mirrors have been changed to suit the owner’s fingerprint and the music he/she usually listens to, instantly showing the user's name on the screen, and can use the fingerprints for other people who are authorized to use the vehicle.

Research Corner

New housing model allows expandable and retractable homes [...]

New housing model allows expandable and retractable homes

Resilient, expandable and environmentally-friendly homes are being developed by researchers at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). Focusing on meeting the changing needs of Emirati family homes, Dr Khaled Galal Ahmed, Associate Professor at the Architectural Engineering Department in the university’s College of Engineering, set out to find a solution.

In his recent publication entitled: From ‘Rigid’ to ‘Resilient’: A Proposed Self-Build Relocatable SIP Construction Mechanism for Sustainable Social Housing Models in UAE, he proposes an innovative method for expanding and/or contracting single family houses using a simplified relocatable Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP) construction mechanism. “We have a problem here in the UAE and all over the world that we deal with the house as a final product in a rigid manner,” said Dr Khaled Galal, who is also the coordinator of the Architectural Engineering Master’s Program.

“This product is unfortunately not responsive to the changing needs of community members so, for instance, if someone starts in a house with a specific ‘rigid’ design and after a while, he would like to undertake some changes or expansions to respond to some changes in his family’s circumstances like adding more bedrooms or enlarging a majlis, this would not only be extremely difficult, but actually is non predictable.” “This has led, in practice, to social housing being built as a final rigid product without a resilience mechanism allowing residents to act according to their individual changing needs. What is offered for residents are some limited unified expansion scenarios, if any, that do not take their specific and unpredictable changing needs into consideration”. The research tackles this mechanism, taking an existing “rigid” house model and converting it into a resilient model. “We converted it into a modular one and used relocatable partitions, not only internally but also externally,” he explained.

UAEU is conducting research on Al Seniah Island, and recommends increasing the Crimean trees [...]

UAEU is conducting research on Al Seniah Island, and recommends increasing the Crimean trees

Faculty members at the College of Science at the UAEU has conducted scientific research on Al Seniah Island in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain and has addressed many points, including the food consumption patterns of the Socotra Cormorant in the Eastern Province of the Arabian Gulf, Maintains its continued presence on Al Seniah Island.

The research has recommended that the environment in the Al Seniah Island should be observed and conserved with the care of the bird breeding period, especially the Socotra Cormorant, and to increase planting trees, which encourages the birds to build their nests, which contribute to maintaining the increase of offspring as well as their numbers on the island.

Marine Environment

Humaid Rashid Al Shamsi said that such research is significant in conserving the marine environment and all types of birds - especially - in Al Seniah Island, which is 10 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide. The island is located one kilometre from the city of Umm Al Quwain and separated between them and the city of Khor Umm Al Quwain, the island is also a nature conservative where the antelopes, gulls, flamingos, eagles, heron and they grew the Crimea, Ghaf trees and superficial plants.

Emirati researcher is volunteering in refugee camps  [...]

Emirati researcher is volunteering in refugee camps 

United Arab Emirates University and other educational institutions are gratified of their unique research and academic abilities that have been able to record excellence presence in global forums and shorten the time to jump to higher ranks for the UAE's citizens, including Dr. Jinan Bastaki, Assistant Professor of International Law at the United Arab Emirates University.

As part of her dissertation, Dr. Jinan interviewed groups of the displaced who were not entitled as refugees, although they suffered forced displacement as refugees and could not return home.

Her volunteering work is helpful in the preparation of her dissertation on "Refugees and their right to return back", participating in several international conferences on refugees and refugee law, and has been invited to participate in seminars on refugee rights in a number of countries around the world.

In this context of her interest in refugee affairs and rights, Dr. Jinan has worked as a volunteer with international and local organizations in the refugee camps in both Jordan and Greece.

Dr. Jinan is currently looking at ways to develop international refugee law to address many of the current challenges posed by the massive invasion of refugees into neighboring countries in 2018.

She is part of the National Committee for International Humanitarian Law, and recently won the IIHL and ICRC's 2018 "San Remo New Voices in International Humanitarian Law" competition for her paper on nationality-based detention of asylum seekers.


The Use of the Aquaponics System in Fish and Plant Production [...]

The Use of the Aquaponics System in Fish and Plant Production

Four students at the United Arab Emirates University’s Master’s program have launched a scientific graduation thesis on the production of species of fish and plants using the aquaponics system, for research and training purposes in an advanced experiment to implement the aquaculture system, confirming in their speech to (Albayan) that scientific research is monitoring and sequencing The problems and challenges facing the agricultural sector in the UAE, searching for effective solutions, and «Aquaponics» as a mixed system for the production of fish and plant crops within the green houses protected by the use of modern techniques.

"My thesis purposes to study the intensity of the ideal farming of tomato in the aquaponics system, and the experiment was carried out under the plastic greenhouses at the College of Food and Agriculture," said student engineer Mohammed Ahmed al-Dhanhani.

Student- Engineer Adel Ibrahim Al Baloushi has explained that the summary of his thesis concerns the need to provide new food resources, noting that the aquaponics systems are witnessing as a significant development as a new source of the food industry, where such systems provide the possibility of producing multiple fish and vegetables in one space, so the purpose of This research is to identify the most suitable fish density per cubic meter, to get the highest production rate of tomatoes using the Nile tilapia fish.

Whilst student- engineer Ahmed Salem Al Kaabi, focused on assessing the different densities of the lettuce crop at different levels of fish nutrition for tilapia in the aquaponics’ system.

While student - engineer Ahmed Satti Abdulrahman emphasized the impact of the densities of Nile tilapia fish and the regularity of nutrition on fish productivity.



Student . Talented. Pianist

Sheikh Al Tenaiji, a talented pianist; with a musical ear that allows her to plays the piano without needing to learne how to read the notes.  She has participated in the first edition of the Grand Student competition, and attained an advanced place in her participation in which she presented various tracks, most remarkably one by the Founding Father, H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – May he rest in peace.

Our Achievements

E-geological map of the UAE helping museum visitors and tourist destinations 

 United Arab Emirates University


Fatima Al Tamimi, a student at Geology Department -UAEU, has designed the first electronic geological map of the UAE, providing the public with detailed information as soon as any area is being read, by scanning the QR CODE via smart devices. Tamimi recently has presented her design to the university professors and praised the innovative idea and invited her to develop it, in order to provide a large amount of information to the concerned specialists, members of the public and country’s visitors.

Tamimi, who is studying in the last year, said that she divided the different regions of the Emirates into symbols according to their nature, their geological diversity, and once the area was surveyed, all the information associated with it was geological and earth study have appeared. She has been providing the symbols with detailed information that gives a clear idea of the history of those places and the quality of the mountains in them, indicating that she is planning to add images and maps that provide an integrated explanation to everyone who uses the map.

She stressed that the e-map, can contribute greatly to the benefit of all in a contemporary and stylish way, if developed and provided with information on various fields, especially visitors to museums and tourist destinations who do not have enough time to visit those places and to know them closely, which is a facilitator for them to visit them later, and familiarize themselves with the unique geological diversity in the UAE.

On her imminent ambitions, Al Tamimi hoped to provide an addition to the UAE through this project, which is still in its early stages, especially as the geology science includes other areas such as trying to predict natural disasters before they occur, and to reduce their risks.

An outstanding achievement for UAEU Jiu-Jitsu

 United Arab Emirates University

Hossam Mustafa, a student at the College of Engineering,UAEU, has achieved a remarkable achievement, the first place in the African International Championship for Professionals in Jiu-jitsu in South Africa, and has won the third place in the London International Championship as well as winning the bronze medal which enables him to progress in the international player rankings to occupy the world's first place in the white belt category with 260 points, according to the latest classifications announced by the official website of the International Federation of Jiu-Jitsu. It is noteworthy that the university supports the player technically, financially and ethically, and always strives to support talents in numerous fields.

Estimating the amount of the traffic accidents using smart technology 

 United Arab Emirates University

Four female students from the College of Information Technology -UAEU have presented their graduation project “Drone to assess the damage caused by traffic accidents using artificial intelligence technology” where the drone is working to assess the value of damage in the public utilities automatically without the need for field visits. The project was completed in cooperation with the municipality of Al Ain, with the participation of students: Hamda Al Shamsi, Fatima Al Nuaimi, Meera Al Saadi and Al Domani Alshamsi, under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Al Sarhani.

"Many accidents cause damage to roads, trees, traffic lights, lighting poles, asphalts and others, it takes a long time and a great effort by the municipal employee to evaluate and analyze their consequences and their cost," said  Hamda Al Shamsi, whom after receiving the accident report from the police, then visits the accident site to analyze the damage caused by taking pictures of it, and then writes up a report about it, as well as begins the analysis stage and studying damages, and communicating with the suppliers to determine their cost, and finally complete the final report, and then propose  to the insurance company.

The importance of their project is that it reduces the time of completion of the transaction to estimate the damage of traffic accidents, by employing the technology drone that is operated to determine the cost automatically, and relies on the use of various techniques, such as artificial intelligence, drones, and techniques of learning the machine that can analyze big data in record time.

Fatima Al Nuaimi said, “The system that we have designed works by sending a drone to the site of the accident to take pictures and videos of the damage caused by the accident, and then send the photos immediately from the plane to the associated application, where it then analyzes the images and estimates the value of the damage, and then the municipal employee verifies the results, as well as one of the application tasks is that sending a text message to the culprit for the amount of money, to be paid through the application or visit the municipality, as well as it facilitates the application to the municipal employee to receive reports from the police. The employee, through the application, determines the day and time that the drone goes to the accident site, and follows the journey through live streaming in the application, thus the process of estimating the damage caused by traffic accidents with minimal human intervention, which saves the time and effort of the employee and the customer, It improves service efficiency, integrates with government agencies, and increases customer satisfaction.”


 “Crossing the road safely” Project keeps pedestrian rights 

 United Arab Emirates University

The project " Crossing the road safely ",  raises awareness about pedestrian rights, and the responsibility of drivers to give pedestrians the priority of crossing the road, to avoid vehicular accidents and to promote traffic safety, was designed by three students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UAEU, Maitha Al Mazrouei, Mariam Al Darmaki and Mariam Al Shamsi, in order to support the rights of pedestrians to cross the road, and motivate them to abide by the place of transit, consequently ,  in exchange for points that turn into material rewards, as well as to alert and reduce the speed of incoming cars, through the lighting of environmentally friendly lasers.

"Our goal is to motivate pedestrians and motorists to abide by pedestrian traffic laws, to boost traffic safety and reduce road accidents, through a new mechanism to draw the attention of drivers and alert them to their responsibilities to give pedestrians the priority of crossing the road on the one hand, and on the other hand,” according to Al Mazrouei, “The project encourages pedestrians to properly cross the signs assigned to them through a new application of smart phone applications. "

She pointed out that the smart application of “Crossing the road safely” stimulates the transient road to walk in the right place, and automatically records points in the user's balance, that turn into material rewards, that can be used to pay traffic fines or get free services and meals.

She published her first book at the age of 17

 United Arab Emirates University

Shouq Al Suwaidi: I was raised on Naguib Mahfouz's novels

Shouq Rashed Al Suwaidi, a law student at UAEU, is an avid reader since her childhood, and by the time she turned 17, she had issued her first Arabic novel “Asked for your forgiveness”, and which was completely sold out. This success led her to release her second book of "Silence has a voice", which contains poetic texts, in which she rebelled against herself as a human being, having matured intellectually and humanly, these great achievements, hiding behind greater challenges, she was able to overcome with her love for writing, and inspirations from other creative minds, who their successful experiences are triggered her self-reliance.

Al Suwaidi states, “My relationship with books is beyond the idea of getting benefit and enjoying it, I found myself with it, the book helped me to be mature, open minded intellectually and mentally, so I began to draw my future as a writer when I was just 17 years old, and no wonder I was raised on the novels of Naguib Mahfouz and Dostoevsky, and Bothayna AlEssa from the Gulf, as well as reading in different fields such as history, personal development, sociology and literature.

She continues, “When I thought about writing my first novel, I chose to be the first supporter and catalyst for myself, not because I did not find the one who supported me, but I liked to have this experience, and my success was a big surprise for my family, and when I tried to get help from a colleague who preceded me in the issue of her first book, I did not find answers to my questions, and the Internet was my only option, I searched for the mechanism of publishing and its steps and challenges, and while I was writing the events of my novel, I was living events of no less importance in my life, it was not easy to take this responsibility alone, at the same time I was enthusiastic to publish it, after I finished writing it, I submitted it to one of the publishing center, and I came back with a refusal, but I did not defeat, I did some details and modifications to the novel, and I proposed it to four of the publishing centers at once, and the surprise with all their approval to be published, my happiness indescribable in these moments, and lived a great delight with My family, they were happy and very proud of me.”

Regarding  the resonance of her novel, she says: My novel was issued “Asked for your forgiveness”,  in coincidence with the Sharjah Book Fair, my joy was indescribable when the copies ran out, and after a period of publishing the novel , I communicated with some people, and discovered that the novels are not available in the book stores according to my agreement with the publishing house, and believing that there was a lack of distribution, I was surprised that the first edition had ran out, and they were preparing for the second edition.

She added: “My love for law is no less than my love of writing, and I see that there is a connection between them, my study of the law has sharpened my personality, helped me a lot in writing, and there are a lot of law people who have distinctive experiences in this field."

And again, she said: My second edition of the "Silence has a voice" will be published this year, which is about poetic text in the classical Arabic language, in which they called for rebellion against our shameful souls, to pull them toward joy and happiness, to motivate them to succeed, and to give them hope and faith.

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May 14, 2019