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The UAEU is an inspiration of human thought and scientific activity in our homeland - The late H. H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God bless" him has started the UAEU on 10 November 1977" 





Selection of News and Events from the University 

Hence, the efforts have been translated into achievements that make the society proud. We have offered a selection of news about the achievements of our UAEU student, faculty and staff.

The Political Awareness Forum for UAEU Students Pursues: Zayed's Political Thought

The participants in the seventh edition of the Political Awareness Forum for University Students which organized by the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs and the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) have stressed that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, had established a unique approach to political participation in the people of the UAE participate towards accomplishing achievements and setting the programs that would create a dedicated and united society.

The Forum also highlighted Sheikh Zayed's great interest to consolidate the notable international standing of the UAE since its foundation, through collaboration with the Arab countries and with all other friendly countries (members of the United Nations) and the international community in general, on the basis of reciprocal respect and exchanging interests and benefits as well.

UAEU students celebrate National Day with a procession and other heritage, cultural and artistic events

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) organized a wide celebration to celebrate UAE’s 47th National Day, which lasted for three consecutive days. The events began with the national anthem and a procession preceded by  UAEU top management, College Deans, Faculty, Staff and Students are participating. Through which the students expressed their loyalty and love towards their country and its leadership. 

The celebration program included many events that reflect the happiness of the people on this historic day through a procession, a large number of the UAEU Community expressed their loyalty, belonging and gratitude to this benevolent country.

 UAEU students briefed on space exploring technologies at Lulea University of Technology

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has organized a scientific trip for the students participating in the Mars Studies project at UAEU to visit the space laboratories of Lulea University of Technology (LTU).

The trip involved visiting different university labs, where UAEU students had the chance to meet with LTU students. The LTU students and their professors showed UAEU students the labs where they design, test and calibrate instruments that will fly to Mars. UAEU students were impressed to see LTU students’ excellent work with the help of their advisors to design and build sophisticated devices that will help in the study of Martian atmosphere and geology.

The six-day visit came following the invitation of Dr. Javier Torres, an expert in Martian atmospheric studies and the leading scientist for the planetary atmospheric studies group at LTU, who visited UAEU last semester to deliver a lecture on Mars and was impressed by the UAEU students’ enthusiasm for learning. The UAEU students’ visit was 70% funded by LTU planetary atmospheric studies group.

United Arab Emirates University launches its new mobile app

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has launched the UAEU new mobile application.The importance of the new app for the UAEU’s education and administrative process as it will open avenues for the ample services the university provides for all its community in this e-services world.

“This digital transformation is no longer an option but rather a necessity at UAEU, the University of the Future,” added Prof. Albaili. “We at UAEU strives to build a smart digital work system to accelerate the work pace, while continuing to develop initiatives in order to keep pace with UAE national agenda that stresses the significance of smart digital transformation system”.

A UAEU study presented at International Conference on Earth Science & Geo Science

A study titled "Spatial Distribution and Environmental Impact of Radioactive Isotopes of Uranium and Radon in UAE Groundwater" conducted by Dr. Dalal Al Shamsi and a research team from the Department of Geology at United Arab Emirates University, two universities in China and a university in Denmark, was published in the proceedings of the International Conference on Earth Science & Geo Science, held in the Czech Republic.

"The study addresses an important topic in the UAE due to the scarcity of water resources and the desire to follow the best strategies for water resources sustainability and maintaining its quality," explained Dr. Al Shamsi. “For that reason, we started to collect samples from UAE and measure the radiation concentrations of some of the isotopes, such as uranium and radon, to evaluate its environmental impact and establish a relationship between the groundwater aquifer and the quality of the water inside it. The radioactive douses entering a child’s or an adult body has also been measured.”


 Dr. Hassan Galadari - College of Medicine and Health Sciences 

An American board certified graduate of the Boston University/Tufts University dermatology program in the USA, Dr. Galadari completed a dermatologic surgery and laser fellowship in the University of California-San Francisco and is currently a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. He is a member of numerous committees in many international societies, including the American Academy of Dermatology, the Treasurer General of the International Society of Dermatology as well as board member of the International League of Dermatological Societies, a body that represents 100,000 dermatologists worldwide.

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Innovation Corner 

UAEU: Obtains Patent for Cooling Technology With High Efficiency 

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has obtained a patent for a new technology relating to cooling electronic devices known as "thermal discharge ". This invention enables us to protect the cooling technologies with high efficiency devices from the faults caused by high temperatures and to develop their performance.

Dr. Salah Addin Al-Omari, Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, said, "This invention will contribute effectively to the development of high-potential electronic devices for complex calculations, which may result from the severe heat on the electronic devices with the greater capacity of the arithmetic.

UAEU: A new cure for treating diabetes, cancer and Parkinson's diseases

We have been capable of creating a new technology in the world," said Dr. Mohammed Ayoub, a researcher and faculty member at the Biology Department, UAEU. "We have developed a new technology to study the interaction of proteins in the living cells by taking a sample of camel's milk, analyzing the proteins, then studying the effect and consequences of these proteins on diabetics, finally we have an amazing results that open the doors to a wide range of solutions toward a perfect and innovative cures which help to eliminate diabetes and cancer.

He said: I am working on several research projects, including: "Study the ingredients of camel milk, and its effect on diabetes." Until now, there is a scientific effort to determine the effect of camel milk on diabetes and many other diseases through the development of " Albret Technology " which monitors the effect on the basis of the cell and proteins within a single cell and the effect of proteins on insulin receptors.

Research Corner

Scientists identify new bacterial strain to clean water   [...]

Scientists identify new bacterial strain to clean water


Researchers at the United Arab Emirates University are focusing on one of the UAE’s top priority areas: the future of clean water.

A two-year grant, funded by the university, allowed Professors Salman Ashraf and Ranjit Vijayan to identify a novel strain of bacteria from petroleum sludge that can degrade pollutants in water in a matter of hours.

“The idea was the cleaning up of organic pollutants in water,” said Dr Salman Ashraf, Professor of Biochemistry at the university’s College of Science. “It’s a global issue: water security and water technology are some of the priority areas for the UAE and most developed countries. The problem is we have more and more pollutants like industrial compounds, pesticides, medicines, and personal care products in our water supply.”

A number of scientists have attempted different ways to remove and destroy these so-called emerging pollutants, before degrading them in water.


The phenomenon of "hidden hunger" is the latent challenge of micronutrient deficiencies in the Middle East [...]

The phenomenon of "hidden hunger" is the latent challenge of micronutrient deficiencies in the Middle East

An international study with the participation of UAEU researchers

Enhancing the role of sustainable human development across the food safety system for Gulf people and the Middle East, a designated scientific study has been published in the journal" Nutrients", which was conducted by a research team from the College of Food and Agriculture at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), with the participation of nutrition experts in the Middle East and with the support from Pfizer International Pharmaceutical Industries. The study explored the fact that a large percentage of the population of the Middle East suffer from severe shortages and deficiencies in some vitamins and minerals despite the convenience of sunlight throughout the year, but the population suffers from vitamin D deficiency, which plays a big role of the growth and development of bone, however, the absence of sufficient quantity leads to a number of diseases like osteoporosis in adults and the incidence of rickets in children.

Dr. Ayesha Salem Al Dhaheri, Vice Dean of the College of Food and Agriculture at UAEU and the Regional Coordinator of the Gulf and Middle East for Food Data Systems at the UN Food and Nutrition Division, stated that "The Middle East region has experienced profound changes and challenges in the environmental, economic, political and social situation associated with diet, nutrition and health. We see cases of malnutrition associated with infectious diseases such as weight gain, obesity, diabetes and other diseases. For example the change in the standard of living of UAE citizens during the past forty years because of the fast improvement in the socioeconomic situation and this change led to less physical activity and a significant change in their dietary habits by adopting Western habits in food, which in turn led to higher rates of weight gain, obesity and a decrease in the average micronutrient rate for some groups of society.

UAEU PhD dissertation sets up first database of local essential oil-bearing plants [...]

UAEU PhD dissertation sets up first database of local essential oil-bearing plants

The College of Food and Agriculture at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) approved a PhD dissertation presented by Suzan Marwan Shahin and supervised by Dr. Mohammed Abdul Mohsen AlYafei, Associate Professor in Aridland Agriculture Department, at a defense attended by faculty members and students.

Speaking on the importance of the study, Ms. Shahin explained, “nowadays, with the growing trends of healthy lifestyle and enormous research-based discoveries, essential oils became a popular, attractive topic for both research and industry, with revenues reaching billions of dollars annually”.

Ms. Shahin showcased the databank, incorporating all the UAE 136 essential oil-bearing plants, which is about 17% of the total local plants. The dissertation highlighted the medicinal value of the essential oils extracted from of Cleome amblyocarpa Barr. & Murb. (Cleomaceae) local plants, and explored in vitro the antioxidant activity of these plants.

Migration critical to survival of dolphin populations, genetic study shows [...]

Migration critical to survival of dolphin populations, genetic study shows

International Team of researchers from United Arab Emirates University, Murdoch University, University of New South Wales, University of Western Australia and University of Hawaii conducted an analysis of dolphin genes that has revealed information about their past migrations, showing just how crucial migrants might be for other populations

 A new study by an international team of researchers, investigated genes to find out about past migration of dolphins. By looking at genetic variants in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus), the scientists found that one population off Bunbury, Western Australia, was once an important source of migrants. “These dolphin migrants from Bunbury were probably important in supporting the stability of nearby populations” says lead author Dr. Oliver Manlik, Assistant Professor at the United Arab Emirates University. This is in sharp contrast with a previous study had shown that the Bunbury dolphin population may decline because they are currently not producing enough offspring. “If that is now true, then the Bunbury dolphins may no longer be able to continue supplying emigrants to support other populations, putting these other dolphin populations at risk as well” explains Dr. Manlik. 

Researchers map out plant species growth in CO2-enriched environment [...]

Researchers map out plant species growth in CO2-enriched environment

New research has been developed in plant species and their growth in an increased CO2 enriched-environment. As greenhouse gas emissions are expected to double in the next 50 years, from 400 to 750 parts-per million, the research is timely.

“We want to see which plants will be ready for this excess CO2 and we are working on a patent to develop a new irrigation system in both COand water,” said Dr Taoufik Ksiksi, Associate Professor in Biology at the United Arab Emirates University’s College of Science. “The idea is that atmospheric CO2 is increasing, and it is considered one of the most potent greenhouse gases.” The greenhouse gas is a very potent gas, which thickens the blanket around the earth. “That’s where the idea stemmed from,” he said. “In the traditional way of looking at the growth of plants or selecting plants for landscaping or for crops for instance, we use high crops, which are tolerant to drought and salinity. But we don’t include the factor of response to CO2 so this will prepare us to select plants that will grow once the CO2 increases.”

Our Achievements

A team of students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Students of UAEU

A team of students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Gulf: A team of students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, UAEU

They have innovated a hybrid rocket with bio-fuel extracted from plant seeds, which is used as a solid fuel when it is crushed and compressed, and then used.

They did this after two years of continuous effort .The innovators are: Mouda Alameri , Asmaa Al-Darmaki, Ali Al Shamsi and Ahmed Al-Nuaimi, where the hybrid rocket is operating through two types: the first  is through solid fuel extracted from plant seeds and the other is through gas fuel which is present in the oxygen gas needed for the combustion process..



Roudha Ibrahim

Students of UAEU

An Innovative Emirati Chemical Engineer in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning

Roudha Ibrahim bin Bahr, 23 years old, a Chemical Engineer UAEU, is fond of assembling cooling and air conditioning parts, installing and repairing air conditioners. She has participated as the first woman in the history of International Skills Competition since 1952 in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. From climate control Middle East.


Sheikha Al Mazrouei

Students of UAEU

Sheikha Al Mazrouei is the first UAE national who has completed her doctorate program specialized in the liver transplanting through stem cell at King's College London.


 College of Science Students 

Students of UAEU

 UAEU Students from the biology department participate in the water, Energy, Enviroment Technology Exhibition (WETEX) 2018 held during 23-25 october 2018 in dubai under the supervision of Dr. Khaled El-Tarabily.

Students of UAEU


UAEU Students win the " EXPO 2020" Challenge from among 35 projects out of 500 projects that made it to the finals. 

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